Saturday, April 30, 2016

Drone Videography Examples

Here are some examples of video shots you can achieve with a drone. They were taken with DJI Phantom 3 Pro and Standard quadcopters. Of course many of these can be shot and/or edited in reverse, and there's probably some overlap in this list. I've tried to create examples of all of these shots in this folder.

For some shots that are better filmed and produced, check out How to pull off five essential drone shots and uplift your videos. I've borrowed some of their ideas as well.
  1. Bird’s eye view
    1. Looking out
    2. Looking down
  2. Reveal
    1. Pull back (or fly towards) a sign or building
    2. Peek over fence or building
    3. Tilt up as you fly towards person/object
    4. Fly over ledge
  3. Fly up
    1. From object or sign on ground
    2. From person or object
    3. With or without rotation
    4. Along vertical structure or point of interest
  4. Fly by
    1. From above
    2. From beside
    3. With or without pan
  5. Tracking shots
    1. Beside
    2. Follow
    3. Lead
  6. Aerial panoramic
  7. Crane
  8. Point of interest orbit (full or partial circle)
  9. Aerial Timelapse
  10. Fly through (only for advanced pilots)
All of these example videos are licensed Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike, so you can use them as long as you give credit and also allow others to use your work.

Did I miss anything, or is this list too granular?