Wednesday, July 13, 2011

thoughts from ISTE 2011

Here are some of my observations and thoughts from the recent ISTE Conference.

Links I came across: videos for students (Rushton Hurley)

Met at the dinner reception:

Free children’s audiobooks:

Google Apps Education Training Center

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration kids games

JASON Science

Open Education Resources

Topics I was interested in:
game-based learning
3D design/printing/CNC
student-owned devices
citizenship / online identity
science data collection
programming/computing science
girls in science/tech
flipped instruction

sturdy headset for language labs
distance/asynchronous/blended learning
asynchronous/flipped professional development
Administrators as technology leaders
open source
online collaboration
just-in-time teaching (versus just-in-case)
open content
student media creation (and portfolios)