Monday, June 25, 2012

Session: Learn Math and Science with Dr. Mayim Bialik

As much as I don't mind commercials and sponsorship, this session was very on-message with respect to how wonderful Texas Instruments is. I have to agree that I like TI calculators and data collecting instruments, but the Nspire is still a little expensive. I know it's not as costly as an iPad or a decent laptop, but those are devices that you can use in non-math and science classes. Of course a TI calculator will survive a drop off of a desk.

The presenters in the session were very good, though. They were good at highlighting the importance of math and science and talking about things like assessment, empowerment, and fostering student engagement. They also, of course, showed off the features of the calculators, probes, and software.

I also think they did a good job of catering to the fairly diverse audience. They briefly explained the terms that they used, without being pedantic. The Q&A session afterwards with Mayim was good too, she addressed issues such as encouraging girls to pursue STEM, learning styles, time-limited assessments, bridging science and arts, and even bridging math and science.

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