Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Balance Between Consuming and Sharing

As I've tried to blog about my experiences here at the ISTE conference, I've been forced to think about the balance between gathering or experiencing and making things public for others. It takes time and some effort to digest and to sit and write about what I'm seeing, hearing, and learning.

During this conference I've occasionally found myself writing about one topic while attending a session on something completely different. This has perhaps been detrimental in that I've probably missed some things when I've not been fully present. Task switching is a skill that I'm still working on developing futher.

Over all I think this process been helpful for me, though, to summarize things to help clarify my own thinking.

I'd certainly recommend blogging in general as a way to communicate ideas and share back what you've received. However I think blogging is almost essential when attending a conference that many people are unable to be at, or one as large as this with more sessions than one person could possibly attend.

As the conference winds down, I need to go back over my notes and see what hasn't made it into blog posts or Twitter posts to make sure that I'm sharing as much as I can. I've also realized that this is not just about sharing with others, but also sharing with the future me when I look back at these posts in September.

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