Wednesday, February 18, 2015

what I'm up to these days

A while back I had been blogging daily about what I do, but had found that I seemed to then gravitate towards tasks that I could accomplish easily and then write about at the end of the day.

Instead, I'm going to occasionally write about some things I'm working on. This will include work-related things as well as tasks and projects related to the Masters in Education that I'm hoping to have completed by April 2016.

One of the bigger work-related projects I'm working on these days is open data. We are working on getting some of our data on Strathcona County's Open Data Portal, as well as taking data that we already release and posting it in a more accessible format. We are also interested in getting teachers and students utilizing open data. As I write this, International Open Data Day is coming up soon.

On a somewhat-related note, we're also looking at Open Badges to highlight professional learning among staff in EIPS.

In terms of ongoing work in EIPS, I wrote up a list the other day of things we are often talking to staff about these days.
And a few things on my to do list at work:
  • publish to do list
  • plan Scratch Day
  • Moodle migration
  • automate creation of Google Apps users from PowerSchool
  • build a Minecraft server image with a web-based (or VNC) control panel
  • help plan summer school technology camps
  • explore web-based project management ideas
And a little Python script I wrote today to translate addresses into latitude and longitude coordinates:

Hopefully next time I'll write about some course-related things that are in progress.

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