Sunday, March 25, 2012

a new (free) party game like "the telephone game" and "draw something"

A friend just told me about a party game that's a little bit like Chinese whispers (the Telephone Game) combined with Draw Something.
  1. Each person gets a pencil and as many pieces of paper as there are people around the circle. As a group, pick a theme, such as "song titles" or "household things".
  2. On their first piece of paper everyone writes the name of one "thing" and then passes it to their right.
  3. On a new piece of paper they draw the "thing" that they were just handed, and pass that to the right.
  4. They guess the name of the "thing" depicted in the drawing they were just handed.
  5. Play continues until you have your first "thing" back. Talk about how different it is.
As an example, let's say Allen writes the word "Apple" and passes it to Ben. At the same time, Zack writes the word "Zebra" and passes it to Allen. Ben attempts to (silently) draw an apple and pass the drawing to Chad, while Allen tries to draw a zebra. After going all the way around the circle, Allen might be handed a drawing of a watermelon and Zach might get a drawing of a dog.

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