Monday, March 14, 2011

ideas of things to build

I have a number of projects on the back burner, or in most cases still in the cupboard, so I wanted to write some of them down here. You know, in case anyone is interested in helping or can point me to where these have already been constructed. Some are software, some are hardware, most are related to education.

  1. web app for bulk deleting users from Google Apps for Education (using Google App Engine)
  2. application allowing users to automatically add anyone who uses a particular hash tag to a Twitter list, similar to blastfollow (using Oauth, and perhaps Google App Engine or Chrome Web Store)
  3. something similar to Blippy for automatic sharing of which library books you have signed out
  4. an Android tablet app similar to Proloquo2Go for augmentative and alternative communication
  5. interfacing Vernier probes and sensors with a LaunchPad or Teensy
  6. locking shelf for securing (and syncing) multiple iPods in a classroom (using just a 2x4, a door hinge, and a lock plate)
  7. iPad cart or shelf similar to the Bretford Mobility Cart
  8. locking carrying case for six netbooks (for WISEST)
  9. real time control of a Mitsubishi Movemaster RM-101 robot arm using a keyboard or joystick (in BASIC)

I'm no Ben Heck, so I'd appreciate any help or direction with any of these.

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