Wednesday, October 8, 2008

online storage

Last week's post was about cloud computing, so on a related note let's explore free online storage options.

There are a number of companies that allow you to store files online for free ("file hosting services") for personal use, public sharing, or a combination of the two. These are sometime ad-supported and sometimes supported by a premium tier. Or else the company is just offering the service for good will and to build their brand.

Some that I've used and liked are: - 1 GB, ad-supported, many features
SkyDrive - 5 GB, pretty easy to use, by Microsoft
DropBox - easiest to use once set up, automatic syncronization
YouSendIt - mostly for emailing large files (upload the file then email a link to the recipient)
Mozy - 2 GB, designed for data backup

There are, of course, others available.

I should also point out that your data are not necessarily secure as soon as you upload it somewhere else, such as to one of these sites. As well, there may not be any guarantees of availablility of your files, particularly with free services. That being said, I find these very useful.

Edit: SmashingDownloads has a more comprehensive list of free online storage options.


SeanLindoNU said...

This is Sean at - thanks for recommending us. In addition to our free 1 GB plan, which includes great sharing and collaboration features, Box offers affordable plans with higher storage capacities, no ads and increased flexibility around how you can share and collaborate on your files with others, whether they use Box or not. Check it out at!

Anonymous said...

Great post Dr. Hay,

I read your online storage recommendations and I think that you might want to check out DocLanding, They also offer a free account and they have some really cool security features that you won't find elsewhere.

Keep up the great work,