Wednesday, June 11, 2008

on my desk this morning

I thought perhaps I could list the electronic devices that are on my desk this morning.
  • My desktop PC, of course
  • wireless keyboard
  • wired and a wireless mouse
  • wireless presenter
  • VGA video splitter
  • VGA video switch
  • VCR and DVD
  • remotes for these, and for my projector
  • speakers hooked up to the computer, DVD, and VCR
  • USB DVD burner
  • a stack of blank DVDs
  • USB external hard drive
  • USB webcam (not sure where that came from)
  • Bamboo tablet
  • Wii remote
  • OLPC XO laptop
  • three EeePCs (two that I'm setting up for other people)
  • half a dozen USB flash drives
  • two SD cards
  • USB card reader/USB hub
  • clock radio with an iPod dock
  • a students' iPod touch (charging in the dock)
  • and many cables, connected and disconnected
My desk doesn't always look like this, but perhaps more often than not...

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